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My Story l VivaOmm

Welcome to VivaOmm®!! I'm your instructor — Suzanne Biscotti. Here you’ll find a community of passionate people, inspiring and supporting one another. We strive to live the life of our dreams and honor our minds, bodies and souls through fitness, meditation, and nutrition.


However you just found us — I'm so grateful that you did! Whether you’re at your computer, your phone, or talking with a friend about us, I just want to send a warm WELCOME and introduce myself! 

This community has organically grown over the years to become a powerful movement reaching all corners of the world. 

We live to love, adventure, grow, connect, and most importantly... move to the beat of our souls.

The VivaOmm® Workout is designed to inspire you, make you feel alive, and want to workout. How did I design a workout with such big goals?

Because that's what it did for me! I've practiced yoga for over 15 years, taught for 7, and have never in my life felt so invigorated after a workout

What started out as my personal at home fitness plan has grown to reach and help millions. In my own path to seek happiness, balance, and optimal health after a devastating event in my life, I molded a unique blend of movements that made me feel better, and major bonus, look better!

Whether you are experiencing anxiety, loss, depression, or complete bliss... I share this workout from my heart with the truest intention to help you along your journey to finding the light again.


How VivaOmm came to be...


My mother is from Colombia, my father Italian.

Passion courses through my veins.


I lost that passion for a time in my life after the passing of my dear friend at age 21. The event sent me on a life long journey to seek happiness, alignment with my purpose, and create a vehicle that allowed me to share what I had learned along the way.

I traveled and met people all over the world, read hundreds of self-help books, got certified to teach yoga, and asked myself every day... what will get rid of my sadness, help me be happy, like really happy not just smiling on the outside happy. It came to me one with a wave of emotion, light, and a lot of tears. The message was this:

I should live with passion because being alive is a gift.

This workout embodies the passion I feel for life and the gratitude I have for all the beautiful people in my life


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While I was in Australia, I had experienced a life changing visit to Fiji and New Zealand on Spring break. I had never seen such beautiful landscape, or felt so alive while meeting the people and visiting local schools. It's how I knew that I would be different than most, I wouldn't be able to get a regular 9-5 job right away after graduating, which is what led me to backpacking around Europe. 

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