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2019 Online Teacher Certification Course

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We are so excited to announce that our VivaOmm® Teacher Certification Course will be available online soon!

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Take your love of teaching to the next level with our online VivaOmm® Certification Training Course which includes over 100 videos of instruction and teaching with VivaOmm® founder, Suzanne Biscotti.


The Course empowers you to...

- Build A Cult Following

- Teach From Anywhere!

- Offer A Result Driven Method

- Diversify Your Teaching Skills

And best of all...

Collaborate With Passionate Souls And Wellness Professionals From All Around The World! 



VivaOmm® Certification is a unique opportunity to teach the hottest new workout applying the Light Up Your Core Technique™ into a unique flow sequence that combines Power Yoga, HIIT, and Dance. 


Join us for a life changing virtual experience that will deepen your yoga and fitness practice, ignite your fire, and inspire you to live with passion on and off the mat.




- Connect with aspiring instructors and passionate VivaOmm® students from around the world.

- Dive deep into the Light Up Your Core Technique™, it's purpose, and how to apply it to our unique flow sequence

- Gain confidence in offering a strong foundation of yoga poses, cueing, adjustments, and modifications.

- Learn how to properly sequence a VivaOmm® class using traditional yoga flows, HIIT routines, and dance sequencing that fit our class guidelines.

- Tap into your solar plexus, your true self, and discover how the passion in our VivaOmm® community can change your life.


We recommend being either a certified yoga instructor OR having a consistent yoga practice of 2+ years before certifying.


Take our accredited certification program and join our tribe of certified instructors worldwide. 

Students with an AFFA, NASM or Yoga Alliance certification will be eligible to receive CEUs from their respective certification organization.

Instructor shall not be certified as a VivaOmm® instructor until he/she signs the License Agreement.

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ONLINE VivaOmm® Teacher Certification Course

ONLINE VivaOmm® Teacher Certification Course


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