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Transform your body with
The VivaOmm® Workout

Get ready to let go, be free, and move to the beat of your soul!


The VivaOmm® Workout is a dynamic blend of Power Yoga, HIIT, and Dance. The class features calorie burning cardio, muscle sculpting strength training, and a rhythm-based choreography.  

As a modern, music-based approach to yoga and fitness, we match your breath to the movement and your movement to the music. We believe in a result driven, upbeat workout that ignites the body, clears the mind, and wakes up the soul. 


Our workouts are designed to beautifully sculpt and shape your body by utilizing our innovative Light Up Your Core Technique.

Light Up Your Core Technique

A holistic approach to core strength.

Our philosophy is if you have core strength, the rest will follow. We believe core strength is everything, and is the most important aspect of our workout. Having a strong core supports spinal health, allows the rest of the body to strengthen, and keeps us with those sexy, toned abs. Our Light Up Your Core Technique™ is a holistic approach to core strength that targets the back, stomach, and hips.

But it's more than just a workout - it's a powerful mind-body-spirit experience. Our coaches guide us to let go, work hard, and hit our personal bests. We get into the best shape & health of our lives, together.


Burn calories, strengthen and sculpt while you dance to your favorite music and get your heart pumping with our HIIT and Dance routines! You will FEEL the burn!!


Cinch your waistline, slim your thighs, and strengthen from the core with the hottest core toning moves!


Sculpt that booty, lengthen muscles, shape your arms, and increase flexibility with our challenging power yoga flow and sequencing!​


Get those sexy, toned abs with our Light Up Your Core Technique; a holistic approach to core strength that targets the back, stomach, and hips.

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