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It's More Than Just A Workout!

Updated: Sep 26, 2020


VivaOmm® is a dynamic workout that blends Power Yoga, HIIT, and Dance. It features calorie burning cardio, muscle sculpting strength training, and a rhythm-based choreography.

As a modern, music-based approach to yoga and fitness, we match your breath to the movement and your movement to the music. We believe in a result driven, upbeat workout that ignites the body, clears the mind, and wakes up the soul. 

But it's more than just a workout - it's a powerful mind-body-spirit experience. We sweat together to the rhythm of the music. Our instructors guide us to let go, work hard, and hit our personal bests. We get into the best shape & health of our lives, together.


VivaOmm® is a movement designed to ignite your fire, inspire your soul, and empower you to live and give with passion in your most vibrant and healthy self. The workout, the nutrition plan, the way of life... it's all based around a holistic, e-conscious lifestyle that honors our bodies and human connection through fitness, food, and giving back.

We are on a mission to free you from the treadmill. We want working out to be so fun you actually WANT to do it everyday and show you that owning your fitness is owning your life. We want you to feel confident, strong, and fully supported with our loving #vivaommfam community so that you can embrace a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Light Up Your Core Technique™

We believe core strength is everything, and is the most important aspect of our workout. Having a strong core supports spinal health, allows the rest of the body to strengthen, and keeps us with those sexy, toned abs by using our Light Up Your Core Technique ; a holistic approach to core strength that targets the back, stomach, and hips.

Combining toning power yoga flows, calorie burning HIIT routines routines, and strengthening, music based exercises, our workouts are designed to beautifully sculpt and shape your body.


To fuel with love and intention is the goal. We aim to give you all the resources, recipes, and more to make sure you give your body what it needs. Restrictions are not a part of the nutrition plan, rather an intuitive, self healing method. What do you crave and why? We help you answer these questions, design a nutrition plan right for YOU, and provide all the necessary ingredients, literally, to a self-fulfilling, nutrient dense diet.